Baby Shopping Spree

PRU 12 dah lama berakhir.... tapi rentetannya masih panjang. Apa pun alhamdulillah dan semoga menjadi lebih baik.

Abang kata.... berbaloi journey lebih 12 jam balik kg. He did I.

Last week, there was Baby Fair at Jusco Balakong and as advised by kak wati, we bought baby clothes. Jadi kalau last week ada sesiapa nampak a couple yg nampak blur2 menshoppingkan diri membeli baju baby---itulah kami. Disebabkan mak buyung tak larat nak jalan dan berdiri lama2, kami beli baju main rembat je. Comel ambik...comel ambik.

But when you married to accountant, you tend to check the discount tagging much more longer than the clothes itself. The cheaper and "comeler" it is...... hehehe... the more we rembat.

Barang2 lain macam toiletries, barut dan yg seangkatan dengannya kami akan beli sikit2 lepas ni. At least tak penat shopping sangat dan lebih penting lagi tak rasa sangat.

Alhamdulillah, dengan MAPS yg baru diumumkan.... bolehlah simpan utk preparation baby

Dan bolehla simpan sikit utk preparation EBM. Bila buat matematik, bnyk gak nak kena spend utk beli barang2 utk EBM baby, tapi berbaloi. Untuk jangka masa panjang, save sangat2la budget.

Baby pun sihat...itu yg penting. Jadi kalau terpaksa hantar ke nursery, at least baby tak senang kena sakit. Yela sekarang ni bnyk betul jenis2 penyakit kat budak. Sampai naik seram. Nak ambik maid, kang takder privacy lak. But we shall see later. Kalau ada tips for EBM, kindly share with me... Anyway, I'm so luck to be in the same unit with the lactation expertise kak rita, bnyk tips dier share.

Hmm... sometimes I wonder whether the baby could understand our excitement. Kalau abah dier nengok bola, wah bukan main lagi baby duk sibuk dalam perut. Moga baby akan sentiasa sihat dalam perut mama..amin

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Election vs Food Galore

The Election

8th March will be the day that people waiting for........ THE ELECTION. Yet, I never cast my vote though this is supposed to be my second chance to do so.

The first chance in Uni time...... exam time....
this time well due to hmmmmm don't quite sure so many reasons.

Most probably due to the so called result that people can predict at my place. Oldies people .. so u can expect who will win....... Some people said "ala kalau letak ayam serama dalam parti tu pun boleh menang". Moreover, i don't want to travel alone as hubby going back to Kelantan tonite with his brother. Whatever it is, choose the best one to become your presentative at least beriman dan bertaqwa

Nak itut...nak itut... but since it will be weekend journey only (friday night-sundy morning) everyone gives me STERN INSTRUCTION of not having long journey until the baby safely pop out. Yup everyone means my hubby, my parents, PIL along with few others....

Means too SIL who still study at UiTM will be accompany me for this weekend.

Hubby told me that the mischievous face that I had for the past few days clearly showed that I have my "own plan" to spend the weekend splendidly .....hehe wait and see laaaaaa

Food Galore ------ alhamdulillah since I already half of my pregnancy and my appetite back to normal or shall I said "memang tahap mencekik" hubby really pampered me with food that I've been craving for...mind u that those early 4 months I can't even stand the smell of curry, tumis -menumis and many more. We had our Big Apple....yummy.... but still don't get the chance to try Jco Donut yet..... my next mission wink wink.

We celebrated hubby's result at Zen Sentral. Located at Sooka Sentral. The food superb... the trifle even better. His associate told him the day before..."I rasa nak menangis bile makan trifle ni. Sedap sangat".

Well I clearly don't feel anything rather than having crazy idea of having at least 3/4 more. Don't worry ok

My sanity hold me back from doing so... control selera..kang naik cam belon kang saper yang susah..... hahahhaaha

So far... I'm doing quite well.. gain merely 2kg within 5months with 4 months more to go. I can feel the baby kicking me here and there. Wish that I will have smooth pregnancy and delivery.

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