Oh My Little Guy ...

Mama and abah little pumpkin down with ONE BIG PACKAGE of FLU, FeVER and COUGH since last thusrday that brought the whole family with dreadful weekend. Went to clinic after maghrib prayer, doc gave flu and fever medicine. Yet until friday morning, the little guy kept crying. One WHOLE nite...huhuhuhu. MInta dukung oooooo, slept for 20 mins, then woke up again.....then in the morning we rushed to see our paed at Hospital An-nur. (muka tak bersalah si kenit ni)
He was given "ubat BOnToT" since the temperature was 39. Still..... tho the fever subsided the little guy still crying. Later that nite around 10 pm, his nanny came to asked his condition. She insisted that hubby bought orregel (ok.. what the heck is that thingy. Well, works like Bonjela but the purpose is to relief baby teething discomfort)

Cian dier. Mama bagi teman mr bee supaya dier tido

Did I said TEETHING DISCOMFORT???? Oooooo yes....way to early for nearly 4 MO little guy. Huh, once the nanny tonyoh tonyoh on his gum..plink....he stopped crying. My oh my...sakit gusi ghupanya Hero kami. It got blackcurrant taste...ok both of us taste it...iyelah mana lah tau. NO wonder he kept drooling this past few days...mama ingat dah kebulur si kenit ni. Anyway, now we slowly "bayar balik" hutang tido 2 malam kami. The little guy was too sleepy last nite that he fall asleep when we gave him his medicine. It doesn't means that he likes those medicine hahahahhaha....

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fadznida said...

hehe...selamat datang ke parenting world ... kena banyak bersabar membesarkan putera puteri tercinta ni

Suki Cida said...

alah sian baby... tak pa get well soon ya

zuedin said...

fadznida - tapi tula yg seronoknya jadi mak pak ni

suki cida - tulah wish wafiy get well soon

aCiK yAh said...

emm.. zue, wafiy dah nak tumbuh gigi ke? la ni my dhoter tgh demam, mcm demam nak tumbuh gigi je..

hehehe.. she still blom ada gigi even dah nak masuk 10 bulan.. but, gigi yg nak tumbuh tu dah nampak dah kat gusi dia.. :)

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