There are 4 babies that wafiy's nanny look after rite now. 3 boys and 1 girl, yet wafiy is the youngest and the one that the nanny look after since 'abis pantang'.

So far, so good. She' s quite particular in the cleaning part (mama and abah don't even need need to "potong kuku" even "cuci lidah". Yela sebab baby kan minum susu gradually lidah diorang akak jadi putih and might cause ulser ke pebender ntah. She teaches the kids self discipline, they need to behave yet in the afternoon they still can play among themselves. (Ni after mama buat spot check terbukti la kan)

She's very good in handling EBM cause she had an experience to work at the nearby taska. She's even offer herself to take care of wafiy if we want to go shopping during weekend - no extra charge kay. However, we rather bring along our 'little hero' with us.

She called herself 'mama ita' and pretty much to that name, she really loves those kids since she has only 1 daughter that now in standard 3. She calls my baby - buah hati mama ita OR sayang mama ita (refer to her). I know it's good that she adores my baby


I feel so envy and jealous as she can spend time with wafiy. She knows more on wafiy progress than me. Huhuhuhu ku jeles ku jeles. If only I can be WAHM (working at home mommy)

Yela ku bawa balik petang kul 10 mamat kecik tu dah tido.

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aCiK yAh said...

itu maknanya as a mother... kita still ada perasaan tuh... :)

InsyaAllah, kalau ada kesempatan.. ambillah cuti.. spend time all the day dengan wafiy...

My dother lak kol 8.00pm - 8.30pm dah merengek nak tido.. emmm, pagi esok baru bangun... lagilah sadis....

zuedin said...

memang sedih sungguh. tula kobar sungguh ngan BF though mamanya takder, at least I provide her with something that is so presious that nobody can provide for him huhuhuhuha

Farra said...

jom a aa kita jd enterprenuer..koje dr rumah jek ihiks

dulu hubbyku pon tade perasaan masa last day kat office lama dia..dia pon baru start koje baru

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