MyDear Warehouse sale

My Dear Warehouse Sale

Warehouse Sale from RM15

Baby & Children Products

When: 26 February - 8 March 2009

Time: 9am - 7pm

Baby & Children Products:

Ball HouseCarriageable

Car Seat



Twist Car



Play Pen

Table & Chair

SetBattery Operated CarPush

CarBaby Carrier

Play Ground

No 34 Jalan Meranti Jaya 10Meranti Jaya Industrial Park47100 PuchongSelangor

Tel:603-8060 0093

We went to mydear warehouse sale on saturday morning. Bought walker, children wagon, baby cap and toys. TOTAL DAMAGE RM112
1. Walker bought for RM20 - display product, few toys not included yet musical toys function well. Not intended to buy the expensive one as it will be last for few months only
2. Childer wagon RM 56, original price RM7o/80. Stock for wafiy once he able to sit (Bleh main depan umah :)
3. Cap RM8, original price RM20++ (lama mama cari, size tak jumpa)
4. Toys RM28, original price RM50.
Worth to go if u want to buy car seat (as low as RM150 - sturdy enough market price RM250++) or stroller as low RM120 (market price RM230++)
Sigh...we already bought stroller and car seat that cost us RM550 (ni kes tak sempat pergi last year)

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2 kata kata:

aCiK yAh said...

Alahai Zue..

Haziqah punya walker pun dah diketepikan.. kalau tau hari tu.. pas thru to Wafiy... leh kurang la sket nilai damage tu... hehehe...
takpelah.. pindah umah nanti, masuk stor la gamaknya walker haziqah tu...

zuedin said...

hihiihi as long it serves the purpose, we choose for it

cheapskate mama huhu hehehehe
bender lain bleh mahal2. setakat menan tak yahla

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