Kisah dolu-dolu

Lama ku tak berjumpa dengan Nurul, kawan baik masa kat U dulu. Masa alpha dan beta (foundation dan first year), kami memang satu group dan selalu lepak umah each other utk siapkan assignment.

Last jumpa masa aku kawin. Nama jer kerje satu kompeni. Mungkin sebab lain building, kami terputus hubungan.

And last week, we had a date. Yes, it was totally awesome and most of our conversation filled with laughter. Mamat2 belakang kitorang asik jeling2 je. Tak puas / jeles. kami tak kisah.

She still single but don’t quite sure whether still available or not. Hihihihihihi sorry Nurul.

Then, suddenly She asked me when hubby approached me to couple gitu……as she remembered one romantic story (for me la kan of course) about us.

"It was 8 years ago when I was hospitalized due to apendiks. We still not couple yet back that time. When hubby reached the hospital, I was ready for the operation procedure and he was not able to see me.

Pretty much to say…he nearly cry or should I say cover line tak bagi nangis …:P
Yet, he came the next day after persistently asking his group mate; wawa and irra to accompany him during the class.

Bla bla bla…it was the patience and determination that makes me fell in love with hubby…."

Even now after 4 years of marriage, hubby lebih sabar dariku.....especially time daku ngada :P

"Abang, thank you for loving me"

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