Wafiy's Attempt on Malaysia Book of Record and Birthday Cake

Yesterday, wafiy's kindy had an attempt for "Most Number of Children's Foot Print Under 12 YO". Obvious enough once I took him, I checked his feet. His painted with red color. Others were painted in blue, yellow, etc. (Tak taula kot kaler tu diorang bagi same kaler ngan baju bebudak ni). Well, we'll see whether they manage to position themselves inside the record book or not.

And this was the birthday cake that I bought from my colleague for family's celebration last weekend. Nice huh....well chek more for it at http://ovenheaven.blogspot.com. All is edible since it is in fondant with nice taste as it is made from mashmallow. Bebudak ni excited habih tgk Thomas Train Cake. Dan purposely buat dalam bentuk gerabak. So sekali makan abis satu gerabak. Kire cam ada 3 kali potong kek (bijak kan)
kalau dalam flavor red velvet utk cake tu lagi best...the red velvet stands for cheese cake mix with chocolate in red color. Do you know that the original color for chocolate is red instead of chocolate? Perhaps due to the naming convention, they change the color :)

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