May Allah Bless Her

When we were in Uni timu, we used to be in the same class
Never been so close to her
Yet since we are scholars..and used to went to the training at Terengganu together then at least we do sometimes exchanged glances....say bye ..hi..

In August...she's positively detected having MENINGOMA BRAIN TUMOR
It effects her eyes since the tumor compress the optic nerves
The recovery chance of undergoing operation is 40-60 with 40% success rate
She may go blind

Then she go for alternative and having cyberknife (scary huh) , taking steroid and whatnots
And indeed a STRONG LADY she is
Drive alone to the hospital everyday for her treatment
Take care oh her 1 year old baby and doing her home chores

despite the fact that her RIGHT EYESIGHT IS BLUR

Semoga dengan kehadiran Ramadhan ini
"Allah kurniakan kesihatan dan dilimpahi rezeki kepada sahabatku Rubaizah "


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4 kata kata:

aida said...

akak pun baru tau pasal baizah

Farra said...

hubby tak drivekan ke hospital ke? mm..tak faham...lom abeh pon baca blog die tuh

rubaizah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rubaizah said...

zue... thanks for ur prayer.... :)

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