Pumping Mother

Edisi emo

Cait kat wing sebelah ada makcik2 sebelah telah menyibuk kata ibu ngepam ni bnyk "ngular"

Cait sekali lagi buat kamu

Ku preparekan surat utk kawanku --mintak doktor sign. Meh kut tak puas ati lagi..meh ku present kat depa2 ni. GM -GM pun tak bising, dier pulak lebih2.isk isk

"I am writing on behalf of ____________________ and ________________________. (Mother’s Name/Baby’s Name)

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that mothers give their babies nothing but breastmilk for the first 6 months of life, and continue giving breast milk for at least 1 year or longer. While nursing an infant this age, it is important for the mother to empty her breasts at regular intervals (ideally every two to three hours) in order to maintain her milk supply and prevent medical complications such as plugged ducts and mastitis (breast infection). The evidence also shows that the powerful boost to an infant’s immune system is via breastfeeding that helps lower the baby’s risk of many common childhood infections and diseases. This is especially important for working mothers whose infants are in childcare centers, where babies are at greater risk for illness. Research also shows that the longer a woman is able to breastfeed, the more she reduces her risk of diseases such as breast cancer and osteoporosis.

My recommendation is that ______________ be allowed several fifteen minute breaks each day, in addition to her regular lunch break, in order to express her milk with an electric breast pump. I hope that you will be willing to work with her regarding this matter, since regular milk expression during prolonged periods of mother-baby separation is in the best interest of both mother and child.

As an employer who supports your employee’s decision to provide her baby with the optimal infant nutrition, you will ensure a more loyal and productive employee, happy in the knowledge that she can contribute to her child’s health even when she is at work. She will have less absenteeism from her job because both she and her baby will be healthier. Research shows that providing support also benefits companies with lower health care costs. "

update --- ramai sarankan ku buat dunno je..ekekekekke ku ni kes pejuang hak asasi manusia. Ku tak suka diam sunyi...ku perjuangkan agar bakal2 ibu (next year ada 3 ibu yg akan bersalin ye) yg hopefully akan jadi pumping mother lebih mudah dan nampak formal. Orang kata mungkin ini akan buat yang tak tau akan lebih tau :). Tak ke gitu

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6 kata kata:

aida said...

ahahaha, akak abaikan jer.. malas nak emo ngan orang tua nie

Zuedin said...

ku nak perjuangkan sebab next year lagi ramai pumping mother kat floor ni...so to avoid nanti depa2 ni makin bising di masa hadapan

Farra said...

haha..adik ni tak boleh ade maid aa..tak perlu argue ngan org yg tak cukup knowledge about bf..buat dunno je la :p

sikulat said...

hahah.. diorang jeles je tuh.. tapi tatau ape nak didescribekan feeling jeles tuh.. maka jadilah sebuah penceritaan 'ngular'

pehtuh.. diorang pun ngular gak sbb smpt cari time nak citer pasal orang ngular.. muhehhehe

bedah125 said...

Aku pun tak paham kenapala derang jeles sangat.Agaknya derang panas bontot kot takpun jeles sebab derang takleh nak jadik "pumping mother" .. ok kah ini statement mau kena gam kalau derang baca..ekekeke

Zuedin said...

kak farra - ye ke? :P
sikulat - ku sokong
siti - kalau suh aku explain kat diorang, takut kalah karpal singh

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