Passion and Casting

Usai dari training Teaming with Passion kat ofis
Kat kampeni ni semua wajib pergi
And it is indeed an interesting training to join
Siap berpeluh...berserak suara bagai

You learn something that u already know
Yup it is
So what's the heck ..
Well it's just that we simply forgot to put it into action
What had been taught to us since we were small
Back to corteous ....pendek kata bersopan santun dan sabar itu separuh dari iman

And other story
Since last week a production team was doing their casting at our housing area
Yet I don't have any clue whose the actor /actress
But since I don't catch a glimpse of Fahrin Ahmad.....or Jehan Miskin
I just simply ignore it

Jangan marah abang
Apa pun kau tetap POOOOJAAAANNN HATIKU :)

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2 kata kata:

Tahirah Omar said...

aritu pon Aaron Aziz ader buat casting kat area ofis org. semua member2 beriya turun nak catch a glimpse. malas nak layan... kang artis2 ni prasan bagus plak.

Zuedin said...

ala apa salahnya kot2 jadi abang angkat ke :P

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