World Cup Fever last we managed to paint the hall (read:hubby)

The World Cup is coming soon and I make CLEAR STATEMENT to hubby that the "world cup thingy" (read: tv) only can be mounted on the wall once it has been painted

Walla..hubby started to paint around 12 midnite and finished saturday noon
Then we went to IKEA to find the tv cabinet
Reached around 6 pm and after so much deliberation between the two of us (nak pilih hak mana berkenan campur fit in our budget since nanti kami plan nak buat built cabinet in the future. almaklum tabung ayam tak cukup lagi so kena postpone dulu)

Grabbed another household accessories and went back around 10 just to find out bad traffic that cause us 1 hour to get out of that place. On sunday, the "entertainment box" safely mounted on the wall by the deliveryman. "World Cup" punya penangan , we took ** inch plasma tv...adeh adeh

I just found out that Wireless LAN can be accessed at the parking entrance of -2 Menara **
psstt - case tunggu parking...kire tak tunggu sia2 gitu jela

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