between part2 and part 3

Lembab btul mama wafiy nak update part3.

So what actually happen between part2 and part 3
All the piccas are inside my lappy and it is having problem right now. I sent my lappie twice for repair and I need to wait for 3 days for it to be fixed. Piles of work are waiting for me. Could not afford it.

Secondly. I get flu, fever and cough and I still not fully recover yet. Penat berjalan kot

Thirdly is the one that we are most concern is .......insyaallah wafiy will be a big brother.
According to my LMP (last menstrual period), I should be around 7 weeks, yet according to the ultrasound I am 4/5 weeks preggie. The most concerning part is I miscarriaged before wafiy. It was blighted ovum. Doc gives us another date to check and we hope bpeverything will be fine. Doakan ye kawan2.

I do get nausiness, low BP as usual. No morning sickness yet. Drove back home cause me rasa nak pitam. I cook whateva simple dish that I think wafiy can eat. Paling teruk roti cicah milo dengan sosej. Bad mama....huhuhuhu

Jan- march also mark the biziest period for hubby. Audit, BOD meeting, whatnot.
Came back home around 4 to 5 am. Last nite he came back home around 1 am and continue his work until 7 am. He still sleeping and looking from his face I bet his BP may shoot up anytime. He feels so guilty...huhu

Some suggests to get help from our family.
My parents are not feeling well right after hajj
PIL still work and MIL has youngest son to be looked after at home

The answer as usual..... Pandai2la puan zuraini ye. Just stay strong

Pray the best for us...insyaallah

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-ummu amin- said...

ermm..masin mulut kiteorg ek.. bb kk lah nih ek :) btw, congrats n take care ye zu!

Zuedin said...

thanks kak yu
eh akak dah pergi kk belum

Ummu Auni said...

eh eh awak preggy? isk isk isk. awat akak tak perasan :P

p/s sedang elok wafiy nak dapat adik :)

sikulat said...


rubaizah said...

tahniah zue... rezeki... baizah lum sedia lagik anak kedua.. uhuu

ida khairani said...

Uwahh... Tahniah!!! Alhamdulillah..rezeki2x..
By the way, journey u ke kk sangat menarik. Aritu saya p pulau n city saja..mcm best ja kundansang.. Boleh masuk list ni. Bila jadi p, nanti saya akan tanya2 zue ya for details..

Zuedin said...

thanks ida

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