Long overdue post

Safely back from our holiday last week though hubby rushed to the office afterward and later came back home around 2 am. Kami tak pergi jalan beria atau soping beria...just spend time together though hubby keep on receiving call and doing his work at hotel (huh nila kes bercuti time orang lain kerja). Main agenda bnyk dipenuhi aktiviti food testing based on recommendation by many over the net......dari "seclassy restaurant till lori tepi jalan".

Returned to office with piles of works....balik lambat
and for this week ..went for ITIL course and exam

This weekend, kena balik kelantan and next week dash off to taiping outstation...the other week..adik hubby nak merisik lak...pretty bz

huh...anyway holiday once in a blue moon memang dapat releasekan tension
apa lagi mari cuti2 Malaysia lagi

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y@tipruzz said...

pi mane dik? citerla sket :)

Farra said...

adik..dlm fon hari tu akak lupa plak nk tanyer u cuti gi mana? eheh

itil sonang je kan?

Zuedin said...

ku pergi dekat2 je.ITIL senang huhuhuhuhuhu ku sokmo confuse

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