Extended Breastfeeding

Haaa..masih nyusu badan lagi...yaHHHH I did get the STARING LOOK from some people when they saw wafiy "nenen" though he already 1y 7 month. Looking at him, you may consider my baby "tembam" and kinda of "matang". (tak tau part mana hak ni. Tapi part bam bam tu, tgkla maknya yg tembam..mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi :P)

I get used to it..and sometimes ku boleh buat ceramah perdana ok. Just don't let me get started with it. si wafiy kadang lak...main aci dan je.

So, what is the fuss about extended breastfeeding:

" As your child becomes more independent, breastfeeding can be an important source of reassurance and emotional support. The strong connection your child feels with you while nursing will foster independence, not make him overly dependent or clingy as some may have you believe.

Forcing a child to stop nursing before he's developmentally ready won't necessarily create a more confident child; rather, it could make him more clingy.• If your child is sick, breast milk may be the only thing he can keep down. You'll feel better too, knowing that you're helping him fight off the illness.• If you travel a lot, breastfeeding is a lot easier than carrying around milk or worrying about having to buy any at your destination. And when you're staying overnight in a strange place, the comfort of your breast may be the best way to ease your child's fears and make him feel more secure." - Source: babycenter.com

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@}--- said...

Sofea sampai 2 tahun 3 bulan. Pastu stop sbb pregnant. kesian dia..

JaNnAh said...

takde masalah la.. wafiy belum pun 2 thn kan.. biarkan jek org2 tu..

Zuedin said...

terima kasih ibu2.. ku gumbira ku gumbira dapat support

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