How to say NO

SUSAH Kan to say NO to our beloved one. When I looked at my babies (big baby and small baby :P) I just wonder how to say NO...... Baby besar a.k.a abah senangla to justify

But to my little pumpkin..I just wonder in few months time he shall be able to talk....question..??? How to justify things??? Ok mama tau, buat secara bijak dan berhemah agar boleh diterima, at least he manages to understand the pro and contra. Yet, it is to subjective kan. In this challenging world, with so many influences from the electronic seems to be .....AGHHHHHHH BIG CHALLENGE.

Ya ALLAH The Almighty - please give us strength to guide and nurture our kids to become a pious and good ummah..AMIN

p/s - the lollipop given by mamak to wafiy when he was 6 months old. Cait..mamak ni takkanlah kau dah suap baby besar ni lollipop

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