Halalkah ?????

We planned to have open fasting with some of our friends last sunday
Yet, on saturday morning when hubby read the newspaper

OMG...the restaurant listed under 1 of 24 hotels/restaurants with uncertain halal status
YIKE.....we were the organizer and kinda of panic for a while
We already invited NGO to join us
I sms-ed my unofficial advisor a.k.a abg faizal and sms-ed hotel to request for explanation and refund

Hubby was given the task to go shopping for open fasting in our taman on saturday morning
Waited for him around 11.30 we dashed off to the restaurant

We met the retaurant management the chef and even given an opportunity to check the kitchen, freezer and etc (macam pegawai JAKIM pun ada)

The kitchen more or less more like what we have in our kitchen (obviously not the finished side more towards the canned food...."ayam daging" ....others as well)
psst - kalau daku punya maskan sedap macam kat otel ..sure ku dah bukak katering

Do yo know that when you purchase canned food with logo halal from other than JAKIM eg dari Thailand..ke mana ke ...JAKIM will not accept it especially for hotel/restaurant that request for halal status?
OMG...kat dapurku ada beberapa produk yg ku bli ada cap halal tapi dari negara lain adehhhhhh
another thing is to make sure the product that labeled with JAKIM halal status still has valid halal status ...

basicallay we need to regularly browse http://www.halal.gov.my/
We are what we we eat....rite?

Moga Allah memelihara kita ..amin

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Ummu Auni Afif said...

terima kasih atas keprihatinan korang :)

Zuedin said...

kak aini - alhamdulillah...basib baik Allah tunjukkan caranya

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